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Protected Folder 1 Windows 7/8 bonquaqua torrent download

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Secure Folder is a simple and effective way to hide sensitive documents on your computer from prying eyes da.Babestutako folder allows you to lock files and folders, so Theyre not only inaccessible to other users, but also remain invisible to other Windows applications. Plus, the program is very easy to use: just drag and drop files and folders onto the interface you want to protect, or select the configuration options menu egokia.Beste Password folder, such as read and / or write access to protected files can not be read block, copy, move, delete, or the ability to change. You do not want to exclude from the list allows you to filter the files. In addition, the program does not include any other settings beste.Babestutako folders simple, effective and does what it says on the tin. Users expect that a more complex safety application will probably need to look at other peoples nonbait.Babestutako folders easily protect your personal documents eyes.

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