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Video Downloader with embedded FLV Player Download Torrent

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Video Downloader download, search the Internet to find and watch video files without leaving all browsers. Video Downloader has five functions: Search and Download Player, Explore and Rank. It also has a Help button to take you directly to the FAQ section on the website. Video Downloader Search feature allows you to automatically download in a special folder either find the Video Downloader own or take you to a page web.Video. Therein lies a very useful exploration button as it opens the folder containing the video you download downloader. This toolbar more configuration options than the average add-on, and you can change the location of the downloads, as well as some other options. Video player opens in a new window Downloader, smooth with a large screen and much better than a few big players that are available for small applications that appear when using lain.Isu Video Downloader supports the lack of a final list of video sites. She says she is committed to FLV video, but we can not say whether this means that all FLV video. Remember that in some video-sharing sites such as Google Video, Video Downloader can not recognize the file name and download the Google Video 1, 2 and so on, if you make the viewer of online video with the spirit that toolbar the video downloader is for you.

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