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The Shallows 2016 Spanish Full Movie Download Torrent

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Yet his mother, a medical student, Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) posted a loss of as much as secluded beach to recover some entertainment. Despite the dangers of the surf, Nancy decided to soak up the sun and the waves hit. Suddenly, a great white shark attack, forcing him to swim to the safety of a huge rock. injured and stranded 200 miles from the coast, a frightened young woman to fight for his life, his predatory wonderful food as a circle on the ground.

And only 200 kilometers from the coast, Nancy surfer attacked by a great white shark with a short drive to a safe place in the final contest of wills with.

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra

Author: Anthony Jaswinski

Stars: Blake Lively, scar Jaenada, Brett Cullen

Genre: Drama | Horror | thriller

Country: United States


SPA HDcam the 1080p, a cam motion, full-screen, dark scenes are beautiful and the scene is more subtle.

, Cropping resizing, stable colors, RGB, sharp, smooth and synchronized our digital audio encoding, MP3 and still do not form Hmmmmm

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Enjoy Art CPG release. and do not laugh at my pain !!!

Nha P / S: No

Video: 2000 kbps x264 2PASS-HQ

Resolution: 720×320 30 fps

Audio: MP3 Digital Audio


Text: hardcoded: English for foreign parts only

Source: V: 1080pSPA and A: Owners!

Encoder: CPG

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