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Google Chrome (beta) experimental version of Chrome is Google adds new features to test the use of stable da.azken before the release of Google Chrome (Beta) in addition to the introduction of speech recognition applications is the greatest. The new browser Web Speech API provides tools for developers to integrate their web applications in speech recognition. There, among other things, the debate about the safety of the API applications will be allowed to send and record sound dute.Google Chrome (beta) also adds some security enhancements, the most important extensions. Extensions that are not explicitly ask permission are automatically blocked. This is great, and the expansion will force developers to come dadin.check transparency in the Chrome horizon what you want to download and try Google Chrome (Beta).

Google Chrome Theme (x86 x64) {} B4tman

Description: —

Google Chrome web faster, safer and easier a browser that combines to create a minimal design with sophisticated technology. Google Chrome is a brand new JavaScript engine (V8), which uses much faster than existing javascript interpreters. This means that the more complex and can make intensive AJAX applications with less speed and processing limitations. Finally, Blink Google Chrome (WebKit fork) was built, so adding Google Chrome users on the features of CSS3 gesture (WebKit fork) to take advantage of these features as they are released.

Features: —

Each task pane

application shortcuts

Dynamic tabs

control failures

stealth mode

Google Gears integration

It was included in a separate process for each tab

Updated information on program components.

instant bookmark

Import settings from other browsers

A simplified download process

safe navigation

Use simple and fast WebKit HTML rendering

Multilingual support and easy to use browser

And the absence of a wide variety of browser hangs

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