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as a writer and historian Deborah E. Lipstadt prestigious fight to prove the historical truth of the Holocaust actually happened when David Irving, known denier, sued for defamation. Based on the acclaimed book «The History of the test: My Day in Court with a Holocaust den,» explains denial (Rachel Weisz won an Oscar) Deborah E. Lipstadt a legal battle against the historical truth, David Irving (winner Timothy Spall Cannes) accused him of defamation, when he declared denier of the Holocaust. In the legal system of England, the burden of proof on the defendant, so it was actually legal Lipstadt and her team found evidence of the Holocaust is essential. The film also stars two Academy Award nominee Tom Wilkinson, the film was directed by Emmy Award winner Mick Jackson ( «Temple Grandin») and adapted for the screen by Oscar-nominated for a BAFTA and writer David Hare (reader). producers Gary Foster and Russ Krasnoff are.

Deborah E. Lipstadt included teaching WWII historian David Irving Holocaust deniers in the book, Irving was charged with defamation and sparked a legal battle for historical truth. With the burden of proof on the accused, Lipstadt and her team of legal battle to prove that the Holocaust actually occurred important. Based on the book «History on Trial. My Day in Court with a Holocaust den»

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