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BcWebCam 2 1 download

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BcWebCam is a simple application that uses a webcam to scan the bar kodov.Esli a webcam for your PC or laptop, you can turn your computer into a barcode scanner. This is especially useful if you have a lot of things, like Jacob in the directory. noting the enigeop you a pretty decent web camera can focus on objects installed near skanirovaniyu.Posle how bcWebCam, run it and you are greeted with a brief tutorial. bcWebCam immediatelyzmozivyyavyty a webcam. zeniet as shown, making sure the pravilno.Osnovnoy interface bcWebCam drivers installed dominates the live video window. Although bcWebCam can not do much but pull barcode number, he can sit in the background skanuvannyai barcode number into the text field vinden.Bijvoorbeeld, if you scan a product already bcWebCam runs in the background until the cursor to select a search term. Barcode data directly in the field generally poiska.Vare introduced, bcWebCam feels kakobhodnoy way toget your barcode in the text field. We want it to look for to make laundrette’s popular sites with information on the bar code, rather than forcing the user to navigate alone.

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