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When the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Canary Club in New York, was appointed to investigate viral outbreaks, and his team of ordinary New Yorkers witnessed his last outbreak continues to have its roots in ancient beings known as atfantasyvampires, inspired her.

Originally a spin-off series The Vampire Diaries. A thousand years ago, the original vampire family vowed any other vladysim’yi and their commitment to stay together magpakailanman.Maraming centuries have passed, and family ties are broken. Klaus Mikaelson move to FrenchQuarter of New Orleans, the city with his family helped build. Former protg, Marseille He is now under control. Ilya sumusunodKlaus in New Orleans, where they found the werewolf Hayley and powerful witch named Sophie. Klaus is an objective protg answer it there strong and determined,to improve and potuzhnostingreuniting his family. Waiting for Rebekah to join them, Klaus, Elijah and witches uncomfortable Union to ensure that the initial rules of New Orleans.

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