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Sesame Street is an experiment widely recognized and education programs continue to dare to children. This event has become a popular-culture inside out. quick ad that had the parents of a new era of concern for their children is the basis for the original format of the event. This event seringbudaya pop satire, and to help parents together to watch too. And, the positive impact of the event on contemporary society is an association outside. No events throughout lebihdiakuithe world by many generations and social classes. Presented in its original format or with perubahanuntuk reflect the focus areas of education, Sesame Street is now seen in more than 140 countries. This event, called Entertainment Sunday that «20 of the best ever show» changed the scene of education that focuses on «fun». It turned out that this theory is not worth learning onlihelpsObat allot easier, but also taught poboljšatiefektivnost information. In a sense hampirmundur,the show remains fresh with ideas for recycling program every three years, when a new group of children watching. Unlike most PBS Kids show, which has the original series, and then dilanjutkanterus repeated until getting dropped by PBS or sell to other networks, Sesame Street has created many new episodes every season since its debut on November 10, 1969. American professor now days pregnant stićiprvog school know the basics about letters,numbers and language. «TKsekarang not apapertama-class workers,» said creator Joan Ganz Cooney, «and I think it is right for Sesame Street,» has changed the international versions of Sesame Street to be relevant to their culture and environment. They are tailored to the unique American city with a cast mainly consists of Muppets, Afro-American, Spain and China reflect their own way života.Na example, park Sesame Canada has a small suburban town by people like beaversand bears, bush pilot villages, Sebuahanak disabled in a wheelchair and her cat and Russia Ulitsa Sezam set Russian court (yard) he was 9 feet timber spirit of joy and overcoming Muppet friends. No event can be helpful in situations of turbulence and problems such as Sesame Street. For example: Israeli and Palestinian pridružilinezavisan their spin-offs, to help budayapertempuran to accept each other for who they are rather than what they did in the past. IndiaSesame Street helps children with 9-11 incident anakberurusan On Sunday 04-08 October 2004 Sesame Workshop really dig reruns of Sesame Street episode 32 season, which robs kehidupanlingkungan storm. This step is to come to grips with getting rid of the four hurricanes that hit floridae span of six weeks earlier, in August and September. It also sends a message about the news’ tendency to conceal acts of violence. GovernmentSouth Africa is not yet a lot of action on the halHIVdan AIDS, so that in 2003, the South African version of Sesame Street has been added to a girl monster 5 year old who successfully goes about daily life with them easily, even if intercepted on HIV through blood transfusion shortly after birth. UzrokujeAmerican this reaction, although the exposure caddies United States are always limited Undoubtedly, he is the most difficult Muppet eyes of prospective «creatures of the planetGorch «Jim Henson on the first season of Saturday Night Live. No exception Muppet puppets, iaituElmo can be taken seriously when it asks the American Congress of EducationAlokasi Subcommittee more funding for school music programs, so that» when Elmo goes to school, it will be an instrument for play. «(Unfortunately, Congress decided Newt Gingrichne to divert funds from other production Sesame Street PBS. among the victims was one of the Godson JalanWijen, author.) In the mid70s, they introduced Linda Bove, a deaf actress plays a deaf librarian hidupkehidupan just like everyone else in this area. Please note that air time Sesame Street varies among different PBS stations in the United States. In terakhirbeberapa years, some PBS stations pale The Shov (uključujućiVNIE in New York, which last aired in June 2003). Sesame Street even had a tour event, Sesame Street Live, which recently celebrated 25 years of doing.Cookie Monster Cookie Monster character always had a passion for cakes, swallow them whenever he could. However, in rangkauntuk promoting healthy eating habits, Cookie Monster recently learned that cookies are «sometimes» foods. So now, Cookie Monster to eat fruits and snack povrćepored characteristic. Elmo Elmo is a cute little red monster, who ingintahu more about the world he grew up. Oscar the Grouch Oscar remains in the trash, not the most hygienic,but Oscar is not the most hygienic creatures. He likes to cause damage, but also enjoy learning. Ernie and Bert’s best friend and roommate, who showed us how people get along with each other masingorang and that sometimes can fall-satvoj best friend. Melting Point will teach us to count, whether it is a number that is truly difficult or easy numbers, the math and calculate the Count, and he was sure it was good. Big bird big yellow bird,who is everyone’s friend. tanpaTerlepas of the type, color or race you

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