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Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1 x86 Torrent Download

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes is the Marvel Heroes fans can expect. Heading away from Travellers Tales is a fun game that will achieve the perfect balance between the world of comic books and yellow figures sedikit.Keluarga tumbuhLego Avengers Marvel Super Hero has a storyline where the various villains of the Marvel Universe (Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, the GreenGoblin, Venom and Loki) have joined forces to destroy the peace of the world. fatethat all his characters together and planetYashche mengatasimereka, evidence that The Avengers more whatwe seen in the film directed byJoss Whedon.Lego Marvel super heroes capable toestablish itself onfilms based on comic shortspeaking, and have about 150 characters you can control. It includes the most legendary heroes as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America or Hulk, but the characters are pretty ARENT soheroic, May likeAunt, Mary Jane, or the hero who haventyet appeared in such films yakBlackPanther is, the Union Jack, or Spider-Woman.Sesetengahwatak characters will be playable in the mission mode story, while others are available only in the free mode, especially criminals, because you’re going to play with the faction led by Nick Fury.Pembinaan and deconstruction pengembaraanMod inLego largeMarvel Super Heroes is rezhimistorii which also knownby playersof typical game Lego. In it, you move around the closed case even very wideones and you go ahead and kill the enemy rashuchagalavalomki. If you can assemble the parts other foreign danobjek along the way to enjoy some kejutan.Tidakthenyoull other Lego games, unto which, despite the low level of complexity, you sometimeshave to think a little bit to get to the next level in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, the way forward is very clearlylaid. The game tells you almost all the time what to do for the future, either by messages (vylargecharacter needcherezetu break the door) or in fact obviousindicators, such as Spider-Mans spider akal.Walaupun this simplicity, this game sangatmenghiburkan, as each phase is very well designed with a classic scenario of a fully destructible and resources to berbeza.Selain access zone level classicrepetition, which allowsrazblokirovatnovye characters or areas other highlights includean open world where you can zapustsitsKarotkiya mission or just to get a chance to explore the city with your favorite characters anda.Marvel hero remained true to its origins merekaKejayaan largest Lego Marvel Super Heroes isTravellers Talesudalos menyampaikanintipati like every cartoon character dolls LEGO form. Each superpower each character a very successful show: Theyre almost the same as the comic book hero and, in turn, they are very well adapted to the typical mechanical games ini.Sebagai example, Hulkcan turnin Bryusabannerov, and vice versa, and its destructive power is above average; Spider-Man has a lot of ways he canuse fabric and Black Widow, in addition to those of skill in battle, is a scheduler and command yangcansolvepuzzles.Sudah Of course, all of these forces is described Legosgreat sense of humor, butit chuvstvoyumora The same honor the characteristics of each character in the comic and filem.Spectacular, but less than before iniEnjin graphics in Lego gamesshowsvzrost. That seems to us a few years ago, is now limited to only be attracted. But you need more than thinking game for all ages? Marvelcharacters prednaznachennyhne only in terms of their power, but also the original physical merekapersamaan incredible. Physically, the characters are more like a villain Galactus and Sand, a few moments the most popular Lego Marvel Super Heroes.Cara deNyu York recreated also unusual, and it worksas an open mirovogostsenariya. If you’ve ever passed through the city of skyscrapers, you’ll be able to recognize the building and some of the famous attractions, things have changed, of course, in the style of Lego.Lelaki it also has dilakukankerja sound good, with more than dubbing acceptable (althoughI still enjoy the Lego igryundubbed), as well as the soundtrack, which draws on the themes that have been drawn up for the various tales filmavvstoylivyya Marvel.menyeronokkan pertamaTravellers class has done it again: they have a very popular and successful franchise, to turn it into a Lego, causing rapidGame menyeronokkan.Mungkin Lego Marvel Super Heroes igraochen difficult perhaps, but respect is shown, the Marvel, great sense of humor, danpelbagai characters and levels makes it perfect for entertaining not to play, no matter what age or skill to control.

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