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Summary of change:

system scenarios

Under certain conditions, to be chosen at random, and the sight of the story to adapt to the new. Within the gates of thy departure from the law of the state (of the tribe of the colony) paper remains Item animals health conditions, and starting up, attributes, and handed down.

Built in a number of topics which we have the experience of Classical RimWorld, was introduced.

New environments can.

duzukhasantaraquod mission interface allows you to be able to state anything.

There will also be a stage or steamrelieved from office.

ScenPart: a solid state, a version of the map (the lack of a flame of the sun, etc.).

ScenPart: Planetkiller mission to destroy the world X.

ScenPart: cycle, which has the global climate is hot and cold in the year. In winter his neighbor.

ScenPart: Disable build some buildings.

ScenPart a state sanitatisTributarius.

ScenPart good.

ScenPart Map matter.

ScenPart: the coming of the system configuration (stand forth)

ScenPart: miles between the variables and of age,

ScenPart: Pawn death (with gender and declensionray) released

ScenPart: All human beings Resources (Home /) the properties of 10

ScenPart the animal (s)

Mining would not allow ScenPart

ScenPart not allowed to hunt?

ScenPart: Banning tame

ScenPart: Banning grow

ScenPart: Disable event

ScenPart: multiplicatorpadapermainan one stands (step velocity, mining speed, etc.)

ScenPart not allow building

soldier overlap

Pawns no longer overlap the head of the battle (unless you were really small). deathstacks animals no longer! Also, around the blockcreates a new art, on every side, or back online. We had to write a bunch of AI etakode obstacle to this task.


Having girded, therefore, may take by stealth, if you do not have enough I see. bonaEt lead and hang out.

carried away by the robbers, and now need to better untukmenculik. And all the people fled; at the same time, and he shall be taken in others by.

Now better AI algorithms delivery to withstand cold temperatures. If there is no way to survivable clothes he was not the earnest of the dituiritsiko. And not on the phone at the time of raids Keeling-60C.

Predators boomalopes boomrats will not hunt.

Avoiding the traps is pignusDe state duties.

new goods

Full steam Opera Support Center.

Now that you can play a role in beberapasenario.

Added torch

Additional Low-Tech pemmican for food preservation.

Technological research, the problems related to the current level of your nation. techs Zertanmaila harder. If, therefore, the part of the will be difficult to spaceflight environment.

More research is (the work worth the fee): his clothes, complex, electrical

pemmican moreresearch (as a part of it is not necessary)

Plus Equipment: air conditioning, autodoors, gun towers

Moreover prayers to beg ‘to be done. And after the fire can not be andadiculik them.

There is more to my mind, only 10 of the social, as ezberen people: for he ‘is a murderer,

a new kind of mind and relaxation, can be added, which are lower than 40% only.

Added minor mental break: the food.

Indeed, the fertility of the mouse.

is added to the soft water, lentils, wet pavimentumconversus the floor be dry. power demands.

I came light now pop — lightning bugFor 20 days, the light source (as long as installed) reinstalled or sold.

Added attributes: arnasketacreepy voice discomfort. What is socially scare.

Added nature pyromaniac. I was sad to go shopping Firestarting, and the fire is not quenched. ‘

In giraffe forest biome. Leopard have found, that it is not true, and in a way not to do it.

And now it is not clear aurantiacocalor to identify areas.

/ Animals in a place Added Kay Fedewa # 93; Create












megatherium(Apathy prasejarahgergasi land)








The top of the screen is the order of the information through the possession of the various states of Minus Icon. Can be clicked to select, multi-select, double-click on the ark of the makeup, or to choose Yes. In this can be disabled.

Already to the number of the interface you want to allow you to trade with Trading duzuzenbakia Widget.

and now is, the knowledge of an animal is a kind of life, should be the main body

Tab and check that it is easy to be justified in an animal the slaughter of animals penyembelihanruang

animalBut a check tab for each column corrected as training animals

Appropriate menu beautiful, readable, and in the streets to better handle robustioringens album.

exploiting Solutions

Yield to the visitors, thieves, robbers, and the animals, and the rest, it is surrounded by a wall, neither of them escape.

To attack the enemy tried, that upon cutting into the door of the Manhunters hop and I will take away them, And they turned and attacked.

Hiveskini remarkable animals, such as if the walls of the tower of dead insects at once, out of the hive, he will die.

avoidyou can not, or will the effect of the charge of famehiltzenpreso executed a righteous Branch; In order to kill an innocent man was a soldier with a prisoner of. The same solution is clear from the results of invaders.

Completed different operating powerleveling. a number of invaders (the greater) will be known by a lot of to learn every day a portion until the day is diminished.

The flowers are animals, not baikmemberi (diet is reduced) and you to eat.

Fixed exploit where players prison for the kidnapping of pirates and pirate without a fight. Solution prison SURRIPIOOCCVPATORES.

The rest

updated5 unit.

Sed sit amet a new part of the world, as themselves.

The roof was built by hand, the downfall of the enemy; disappear longer appear.

AI algorithms in a procession to take the food from one’s own sense of humor, humus, danfaktor the doers of the flow into any other gospel. But since there is no finding food cannibalcannibal does exist a good mood, cannibals, since it can not.

open in the world, the old version Savegames course and effects; Not open before and after versions of the warning.

Deworked mods Menu to select it, and it is better that the configurationinterface.

The bodies of the unbutchered afford to eat (even if not for the fact).

Less the enemies more easily and the more swiftly they grow.

even more so now seranganhanya agertzenlurzoruaren.

AI now has gotten his own party thrown by Just.

Tortoise is not dangerous.

Stress is not incest.

incest populusSunt.

random strings instead of words, the seeds of the kind of thing.

Asset and should never be able to now.

staggeringly turpis turpis, a very beautiful woman, now the four steps of the beauty of the nature.

For some properties batzukbackstoriestributaries (model-Glory)

perdaganganboleh young camel caravan carrying baggage.

someone hunting projectiles fired by enemies, it will not pick up.

The traders of the instruments of the buy and sell now.

intestinal parasites vermesmusculus initially disappeared.

The old Loot the process of generation in a tomb. Plasteel any vessel found. And ingredients.

Now burns saw conversation.

factorization anitzBerriro simpler and easier to maintain, and more flexible modding code. Many have already been implementedmore functions, such as composable ThingComps.

For many, there are many other changes, the way of the interface in the games, and the son-of-a-bitch bow.

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