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MAGIX Video Pro X8 torrent download

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Magix Video Pro X 8 (64)

Magix Video Pro X is an excellent video editing software products intuitive and advanced. This award-winning video editing package focuses on the specific needs of users and ambitious professionals and offers an unrivaled ofertąpotężne post-production.

Professional video editing

Access to detailed editing options, excellent performance and film-quality effects in the above picture and sound quality.


Choose from a widerange ferramentaspara improve your wizerunektakich as video effects, optimized for the GPU, precision measuring instruments and many editing.

audio editing

sound mixer, real-time control and keyframe editor to the string samples, as well as a lot of the effects of money transfer offer everything potrzebujeszzoptymalizować sound.


Access to all additional services, such as NewBlue plugins package that includes filters seem to go vrazhayekolirniand effects PRODAD Merkally V2 or ideal image stabilization.

Most importantecaracterísticas:

— Format professional support (ProRes, AVC-Intraetc)

— Edit Video Editing masshtabyruemoy proxy 4K good

— Adjustment of primary and 3-way color Secondary

— Installation of cameras with up to nine tracks at the same time

— Support Integrated action cam

— Surround sound editing in broadcast quality

— Accessories for dekodowanieHD based and UHD (,)

— NewBlueZovnishniy color filterthe best films of

What’s new in MAGIX Video Pro X8:


Download Visualcaracterísticas video to another. The program adjusts the colors and tonal values ​​of two separate films completely automatically.

Edycjakamera 360º

Video Pro X offers a wide range of options for editing last 360 camera.

Section 4K / Entertainment

Use material 4K create partitions idetalizatsiyi low resolution images.

It seems NewBlue Color coat:

— Change the color and light, to giveyour film classic look.

— Color Fixer Pro: Setting the white balance, saturation, and brightness.

— Gradient Tint: Enhanced color images using a wide range of filters.

— Focus: Sets the image area under the spotlight.

— Flash Pro: Tworzenieciepłe light, adding it to the original image.

Exposure to advanced features

Correction of color and tone dokladnyyznachennya precisely change the brightness and RGB channels units.

Current models Name

More than 250 models with a new titleThey were completely przerobionyi have modernamirar and structure.

support OpenFX

Now you can use the standard plugins OpenFX as Video Effects Mediapool.


Video Pro X is the first video editing program for the world to support the hardware acceleration Intel’s super-fast.

Support Native ProRes

latest wersjazawiera built-in support for Apple ProRes video codec.

What’s new in version:

* Fixed a problem with the import of MXF files

* Fixed a rare bug when exporting HEVC

* AllowsTensile properties too small incandescent

Zoom Slider dialog regulations / size can now be used again, as always,

* Dialog update the position / size now again when moving the playback marker

* Visual vyrivnyuvannyarozmir / regulation affects all the way to deliver (GPU and CPU)

* Fixed obrazuze distortion due to the size and / cutting position

* Fixed image distortion with the rotation and cutting

* Fixed a bug in securitiesand the effect of cutting

* Fixed issue with repeated use anteriormenteefectos blurred vision

* Fixed a bug that uniemożliwiapustych «level video» keyframes Installation

* Fixed mode vyhoduMulticam

* Audio recording is not finished when you press the ESC key in another application

Fixed a bug that could prevent the use of the first end of the program

* Fixed a bug in the camera / Travel powiększDyskusja

* Fixed inabilitychange the number of monitors in standby mode and after surgery

* Black frame away in a file proxy «Video Cutter» is enabled

* Fixed an error loading the mask effect

* Fixed distortion of images (BMP) zzmenshenai keyframe

Fixed a bug in which the object is removed from the closed circuit, taking into account the impact of object / structure

* Fixed a bug when using long file path

* Added an error while loading the lookup table isimportant

* Fixed loading błędyStoły are unavailable

* Fixed saving projects / charges Table Search

* Effects Improved speed baseadosen lookup tables

* Fixed ponovlennyav monitor preview by changing the lookup table

* Fixed several błędówobliczania effect

* Improving the quality end of the moving objects

* Fixed a bug, animated objects can (especially the title) shortly after leaving the visible range

* Fixed a bug in which the objectbriefly appears in początkowejStanowisko (only when the object was moved to the already presented on the screen)

* Color distortion effect on / Contrast resoltosó Yaskravistpochatok point or the end of the shift of the curve

* Speed ​​improved for most viewing / animation effects

* Fixed a bug when loading / Preservation effect keyframes in OpenFX

* The recorded incorrectly in the dialog box when the effect OpenFX the south or turn off the effect of the panoramaand restored

* Material Alpha channel can be disabled in dialogue chromatic button now

* Status Dialog restored testowanePrzycisk brightness and chroma key

* Fixed a problem with the stabilization zobrazhennyaMerkally twisted cone material (DVD)

* The full path to the project folder in the dialog box represents a new beginning

* Route improved animation (zoom behavior, performance, new maps) and regulation

* Minor user interface enhancements and location



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