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SimplePlanes Mod APK-XPOS

| Category: Simulation | | Requirements: Android, and more |

Bring all brilliant aircraft meant for life.

9/10 steam-


SimplePlanes is a video game developed and published by modeling Jundroo LLC. SimplePlanes release occurs SimplePhysics and SimpleRockets.wikipedia

pershapachatkovayadata release: 2014

Creator: Jundroo, Ltd.

Genre: Simulation game

Modes: Single player video

Platforms: Android, IOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS

are Comod:


that it is in this version:

* New task Combat: Assault Convoy

* New Race plane: Indy Air Race

* 5 new racingcar

* Restored aircraft serial

* Novyyadetali: parachute and fuselage inlet

* Dialog spawns AI

* 3D printing and exporting models

* Fixed bugs

Game review:

Note: This game requires at least 512 MBof RAM and a processor with a frequency of 1 GHz.

Bring all brilliantaircraft meant for life.

Parts of equipment together to build tilosamolotu.Umieść their engines to add thrust. The design of the wing, and then connect the pilot’s seat and see how it goes.

PLANE designer

You have the tools that are necessary to bring about every planelife. Use a flexible tool to change the shape of the wings krylyi build almost anything.

a new generation of fighter WW2 Warbirds, civilian aircraft, and everything in between, some people even dragons, trains and space stations.

Dynamic model flight

modelyuvannyaPolitat its best. each małazmiany put into interaction design as a plane flies. razmerkavannevagi, pressure, lifting and resistance are calculated before creating the final flight model.

autocorrect injuries

Details can be suspended in a spectacular way during the flightdue to excessive stress or shock something. Fun does not end there, however. You can continue to fly even cases of the missing wing, if you have the skills.

sandbox mode

testvash plane without any restrictions. So I had a rough landing, but the left side of the engine was znokautowanypoza?After inspecting the engine fly to the west, you can decide to go ahead and hit the throttle to it again only with one engine.


Climb into the cockpit of one of the user plane and see how it works in the problems. Problems will keep you entertained for a fewhours. The land on aircraft carriers, dodge missiles surface-to-air cherezkursy race, and much more.


Use the pre-topic or paint every part of your birds to it as chcesz.Podziel your favorite style with all your friends.


there is noa purchase application to gain access to the aircraft, people sharing; All of them can be used dastupnyyadlya free downloading them, even if they were made on a different platform.

regulators SUPPORTERS

SimplePlanesPidtrimka USB gamepad / joystick and provides a viewan introduction to the game for each control surface, as well as the throttle, brakes, chassis, pause, camera, etc.


Exercises będąpomóc players learn the basics of the real structure of the aircraft and the views to be taken when aircraft are made.


Learn more about Google Play: -SimplePlanes

High-quality movies in the format of Ultra Compressed

without loss of quality.

Full Android gulnyavApp.

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