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Why Him? 2016 FastDL Movie Torrent

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Father formed bitter rivalry with the young rich boy his daughter. During the holidays, Ned (Bryan Cranston), anxiety, but a loving father and his family visited her daughter at Stanford University, where he finds his greatest nightmare: Z right-minded but socially awkwardSilicon young Valleymultimillonario, Laird (James Franco), and the level of rivalry developing panic Sun passes through the roof when he found lost in the glamorous world of high technology and discovers that the only landowner that appear on this theme.

Why? NedFleming and Barb, along with his son 15 yearsScottEla visited his daughter Stephanie, but they are shocked to find that Stephanie has a friend named rich and famous Laird Mayhew. His personality is too great for them, and it makes Ned really bad impression of him, even though Stephanie Laird insists nice guy completely satisfied.Laird, and reveals his plan to offer in the coming p’yatdniv Stephanie, ask your heart thatyou get kakvotoe Ned`s blessing. Thus, he begins trying to win Barb Scott, but Ned out of their way to asegurarseLaird their lack of success.



CommonRelease Date: December 29, 2016

Genre: Comedy

Duration: Not available

Distributor: 20th Century Fox

Cast: James Franco, Bryan Cranston, Zoe Deutsch, Keegan-Michael Key

Director: John Hamburg

Format: 2D

During the holidays, Ned, A preocupaciónperolyublyachyy father and his family visited his daughter at StanfordUniversity, where he finds his greatest nightmare: Z-meaning but socially awkward young billionaire Silicon Valley, Laird (James Franco). Rectilinear Ned says the owner, who has absolutely no filter does not incontroladoxogo for your daughter. Rivalry unilaterallyorder — and panic level Mon — compounded when he discovers that Laird was going to come on this topic.

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